Guiding children to

Self discovery,
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You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.

Dr Wayne Dyer

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Sozo Meraki

Welcome to Sozo Meraki, the place where you feel safe, loved and accepted, exactly as you are.  

I am Amrita, a passionate Holistic Educator. I am a UK based school teacher with a passion for interweaving my love for holistic wellness modalities, including mindfulness, breathwork, EFT and yoga, with my life-long love for teaching children and young people.

During my time as a class teacher over the past 2 decades I have seen that children appear increasingly disconnected from their innate joy and happiness and are more consumed by the energies of anxiety, worry and fear and self doubt.  It has been heartbreaking to teach children who feel defeated, exhausted and crippled by anxiety and lack of confidence.  

Over the years I have developed a deep interest for the transformative power of mindfulness, healing and holistic approaches driven by positive psychology.  I have seen first hand how my unique compassion based, heart-led and love-fuelled approach to interacting with hundreds of children and young people has left them feeling empowered, happier and inspired to live their lives through a more positive and nourishing way.

As a Holistic Educator, I believe that unless children feel happy, safe and valued we cannot expect them to connect with us as educators. 

Relationship building, positive reinforcement and encouragement as well as developing awareness of themselves is essential before they are able to confidently access academic learning.

As a trauma-informed educator, love, compassion, and kindness stand at the forefront of every connection I nurture with the young people with whom I work.

In my role as a compassion-based Educator I utilise my knowledge to connect with each individual on a profound level. Their journey is not just a milestone for them; it is special to me too! I am present, to fully support and guide children, by providing a safe space for them to connect with their inner guide and develop a new found love for their own lives.   

My vision is to create a space where holistic practices and personal experience can converge, where the essence of Meraki – pouring heart, soul, and love into everything we do – guides the way to a life that resonates with purpose and serenity.  

So, if you’re a parent or someone who works with children and you are feeling concerned about the well-being of your young person, or if you’re a young person yourself who feels that you could benefit from having your own personal guide through life’s challenges, then I invite you to take a deep, loving breath and come on in…

About us

The Vision

Each interaction between adults and children should be compassion-based, heart-led and love-fuelled, thus why these form the foundation of Our Ethos as the Sozo Meraki Core Fundamental Principles.

‘My purpose in this lifetime is to hold space for as many people as I can; leading them through their own unique journey towards mindfulness, self love, discovery and inner harmony.  

My promise to you is that I will immerse you in the ‘Meraki Way™’, through my individualised, heart-led, love-fuelled system.  Banish worry, anxiety and escape the constant busyness and overwhelm of modern life and become reconnected with your own inner calm and joy.  

The values of kindness, compassion, empathy, love & unity are the foundations upon which I have lovingly founded Sozo Meraki. ‘

Amrita Kaur, Founder

Sozo (Hebrew) –to heal, make whole & deliver     
Meraki  (Greek)- doing something with soul creativity & Love