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Other services

Meraki Family Systems

Meraki Family Systems embodies the profound belief that the family home and its daily operations serve as the bedrock for the levels of happiness experienced by children and young individuals.

You will discover a unique and customised approach aimed at revolutionising busy and disorganised family spaces into tranquil, love-infused sanctuaries where families can not only coexist but truly flourish.

Our tailored strategies are designed to create an atmosphere where positivity abounds, allowing each member to thrive and find fulfilment within the nurturing embrace of their family unit.

With Meraki Family Systems, we are dedicated to fostering environments that inspire growth, connection, and lasting happiness.

Other services


Enhance your corporate team’s wellbeing with our tailor-made experiential workshops. Our interactive and informative sessions are designed to foster a healthier, more engaged workforce. By combining expert insights with experiential delivery for participants, we create corporate workshops that promote mental and physical wellness for the entire workforce. 

The Meraki schools programme enables schools to experience holistic education through whole class or group based settings.  Do get in touch to arrange a connection call to discover how school culture, behaviour and other aspects of school life can be drastically enhanced via the Meraki Way.

Other services

Meraki Adult Therapy & Education

Meraki Adult Therapy and Education is dedicated to guiding adults on a transformative journey towards becoming the best versions of themselves. We firmly believe that by empowering adults to regulate their own emotions, thoughts, and experiences, they gain the essential tools needed to positively and effectively interact with others, as well as navigate through life’s challenges with more ease.  

Our sessions and courses are not limited to parents; they are also highly beneficial for teachers and any adult seeking to broaden their knowledge and acquire new skills. By engaging with our programs, you will find yourself on a path towards greater fulfilment, contentment, and empowerment in all aspects of your life. 

We invite you to embark on this journey with us, laying the foundation for a more harmonious and thriving way of life.