Treatment Process

Treatment process

What does it look like?

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Connection Call- The purpose of the initial client connection call is to establish a meaningful connection with you as well as to understand your unique needs. During this 30-minute call, the client is encouraged to express their thoughts, concerns, and requirements openly. The therapist actively listens and gathers essential information to assess how our services can best meet the client's needs. Additionally, the call allows the therapist to provide valuable advice and insights on how our services can address their specific requirements, ensuring a personalised and tailored approach to their Sozo Meraki journey.


Your journey begins-Through our tailored therapy sessions, we strive to deliver a holistic approach that encompasses various teachings and techniques, specifically designed to suit each client's individual journey and meet their unique needs. Whether in a small group or individual setting, our sessions aim to guide clients through a transformative experience where they can 'Reset' and 'Reconnect' with themselves on a deeper level. By customising our approach to each client, we ensure that they receive the most relevant and effective support. Our teachings are carefully curated to address their specific challenges, fostering personal growth and healing. The 'Reset' aspect helps clients break free from negative patterns and past traumas, allowing them to release emotional baggage and gain a fresh perspective on life. Meanwhile, the 'Reconnect' element encourages clients to explore their inner selves, discover strengths, and build a stronger connection with their authentic selves. This personalized journey empowers clients to make meaningful changes and facilitates a profound sense of well-being. Our ultimate goal is to enable clients to overcome obstacles, achieve balance, and cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves, leading to lasting positive transformations in their lives.


Review: The review stage of the Meraki Way is a pivotal moment in the client's journey, where they are encouraged to introspect and reflect on their progress and breakthroughs. Through guided meditations and self-inquiry practices, clients gain a deeper understanding of their growth and transformation during the learning and therapy process. This stage involves consolidating the teachings and personal milestones achieved, fostering a sense of empowerment and confidence in their journey. During the review, clients may discover new areas of their lives that require attention and growth. This newfound awareness allows them to restart the process with a fresh focus and renewed intentions. The Meraki Way embraces this iterative approach, as it acknowledges that personal development is an ongoing and evolving process. By embracing the review stage, clients continue to build upon their successes, address new challenges, and embrace the journey of self-discovery with enthusiasm and determination.